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About service

Our service allows you to create coloring pages from photos online quickly and conveniently from any photos, pictures, images.

  • Coloring page from photo

    No size or format (jpeg, png, heic, e.t.c.) restrictions.
  • Coloring page from the cameras photo right now

    On the street, book. No need to save the original to your device, just open the page, click Upload and take a picture of whatever you want.
  • Restore the coloring page by removing the colors

    Has the child already tried on the coloring? Just take a photo of the used coloring page and download a clear coloring page.
  • Coloring page from painting, masterpiece

    Find a photo of the painting, save it to your device and use our Service. So you can attract your child to the great - the child can coloring the picture from memory.
  • Sketch from photo

    Save ink with color removal. If you print on a black and white printer, then it would be appropriate to remove the gray scale, leaving the countur. It will save you ink, reduce CO2 emissions and make the world a greener!

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